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It isn't just incense anymore: Ohio bans K2 and other substances

K2 or spice was made famous when a video was posted on the web and immediately became one of the most watched and distributed videos on the internet. The video portrayed child-star and role model Miley Cyrus "experiencing" the effects that the substance can have on a person if they smoke, inhale or swallow the product.

Although it was being marketed as incense along with other related substances used as bath salts, the products have now become controlled substances in Ohio. Drug charges can result from possession of the products after Governor John Kasich signed a bill on Friday evening, July 15, 2011.

The bill bans the substances and makes possession a misdemeanor and will soon go into effect. It also provides a felony sanction for someone found to be selling the now declared drug in the proximity of a school or one or more juveniles.

According to a mental health worker, he sees people admitted on a weekly basis suffering from delusional psychosis after ingesting the drug in some way or another. "All sorts of paranoid delusions are typical, hallucinations, auditory and visual and a lot of paranoia," he said of the symptoms.

Whether you agree with the basis for the bill or not, in Ohio what was considered harmless in the eyes of the law will now act as a basis for criminal charges. So even if you plan to use the substances for exactly what they are marketed as, your cautious use could be considered criminal conduct.

Source: Fox Cleveland, "Gov. Kasich Approves Bath Salts Ban," Emily Valdez, 16 July 2011

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